You leave me breathless

We're all playing in the role of our lifetime

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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE!!! “Role of a Lifetime” performed by Payson Lewis in the Los Angeles revival of BARE

LIVE from the Hayworth in Downtown Los Angeles

Directed by Calvin Remsberg
Musical Direction by Elmo Zapp
Produced by Topher Rhys & Jamie Lee Barnard
Book & Music by Damon Intrabartolo
Book & Lyrics by Jon Hartmere
a glory|struck production

(via thedevilsingssondheim)

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andrew-vanleftshoegarden-deacti asked: Hi do you by any chance have the sheet music for Spring from Bare???!??!?

Hello my dearie! Sadly I do not, nor do I know where you can find it.  Publish the question under the BARE: A Pop Opera tag, or look for replies to this and see if any of our lovely friends has it, or knows how to get it.  Have a great day!